Getaway Guide: Must Eat and Drink in Singapore

With its myriad of dining options, Singapore can be tricky to navigate. From breath-taking panoramic sky bars and fine dining restaurants, all the way to local cheap eats and some of the best cocktail bars in the world, here’s a curated mini-guide to bookmark for your next foodie getaway.

Candlenut: the World’s Only Michelin Starred Peranakan Restaurant

As a brand new resident of Singapore and being hard-at-work eating all the local food in the past three months, I was delighted when my friend Cristina made a reservation at Candlenut, the world’s first and only Michelin starred Peranakan restaurant. Helmed by Chef Malcom Lee, Candlenut is located in Dempsey Hill, an heritage site from…

Labyrinth: a Tribute to Singapore Culinary Heritage from Grandma to Grandson.

Labyrinth, the brainchild of Chef LG Han, is a chef-centric dining experience that honors and elevates Singapore culinary traditions in a modern and very personal key. It’s not only a tribute to LG’s late grandmother and her age-old recipes; the restaurant has become a platform to showcase and support Singapore local businesses, produce and artisanal treasures with the aim to preserve the country’s heritage and traditions.

Taian Table: Honest Fine Dining in Shanghai

Taian Table has been on the pages of several Shanghai and international publications in the past few months. The restaurant, which was originally located on Tai’an Road, had to be closed down the day after receiving one Michelin star in the first ever, controversial, Shanghai Michelin Guide. Chef Stefan Stiller’s drive has remained strong in the past…

Hell of a Dinner: Daimon Bistro by Alvin Leung is Sinful

[This venue has since closed and will not be re-opening soon] Alvin Leung, the “demonic” personality and self-trained chef behind three-Michelin star restaurant Bo Innovation Hong Kong, has just opened his first two ventures in Shanghai: fine-dining restaurant Bo Shanghai and it’s low-key little sister, Daimon Bistro. The Kowloon Walled City inspired Daimon Bistro envokes…