A Tour of The Warehouse Hotel and the Lobby Bar

The Warehouse Hotel is a recently restored heritage building dating back to 1895, built on the riverside of Robertson Quey, one of the most bustling areas of Singapore. Being part of the Design Hotels™ curated constellation of bespoke properties, this boutique hotel is guaranteed to offer an authentic cultural and architectural experience.

The Warehouse Hotel SingaporeThe Warehouse Hotel Singapore

The lobby of The Warehouse Hotel is a large open space framed by sky-high ceilings that are constellated with industrial wheels and drop-down light bulbs. The walls are an alternation of traditional brick layerings and geometrically textured concrete surfaces, the austerity of which is softened by comfy leather couches and polished Art Deco tables, armchairs and lamps.

The Warehouse Hotel Singapore Lobby Bar

This is the grand setting of their Lobby Bar, which serves up surprisingly complex made-from-scratch cocktails that draw inspiration from The Warehouse Hotel century-long history.

The Warehouse Hotel Singapore Lobby Bar

My favorite cocktail among the ones sampled is hands down their Forbidden Fruit (S$25++). It’s a balanced gin and rum based drink, infused with bitter kumquat and pink peppercorn, while the lime and orgeat syrup kick in with a sweet and sour hint. The glass is garnished with a tasty pink salt and peppercorn dusting, which adds a zing and gives the drink its addictive umami note.

The Warehouse Hotel Singapore Lobby Bar

Another favorite drink was the Havelock Highball (S$21++). Inspired by the traditional Americano, it’s made with Amaro Montenegro, a dash of espresso, coffee bitters and orange oils, allowing an unwavering bitter and tangy profile. It’s presented with the most beautiful orange peel rose garnish, making this drink an elegant-looking classic aperitivo libation.

The Warehouse Hotel Singapore Lobby Bar

For those who like the boogie vibes of the 1980s, a re-interpretation of the iconic Singapore Sling is on offer; the Disco Sling (S$21++), made of dry pineapple and keffir lime infused gin and homemade grenadine, carry all the familiar flavors of the original recipe, minus what makes Singapore Slings kind of taste like boozy Sex on the Beach or college mixers (but in a good way I guess…).

The Warehouse Hotel Singapore Lobby Bar

Those who like a floral, sweeter profile and a dramatic drink presentation will want to order Lady Luck (S$21++), a light and refreshing drink made of citrus-infused vodka and roselle gin as a base, mixed in with pineapple shrub, ginger, coconut and home-made lemon syrup. Personally, I don’t enjoy this type of drink as it lacks balance to my palate… my boyfriend would love it though, so it really depends on personal taste – and just to be clear, he’s comfortable drinking sweet cocktails without feeling any less masculine.

The Warehouse Hotel Singapore

Once you’re sedated by many a few delicious cocktails and maybe a lovely dinner at their up-scale modern Singaporean restaurant Po,  it’s time to move upstairs to their bespoke design bedrooms for a nap.

The Warehouse Hotel Singapore Rooms

The architect here had to do miracles to fit the 37 rooms in a space that wasn’t originally built for the purpose of a hotel. The cheaper range rooms, The Warehouse Sanctuary, are windowless 27sqm rooms. They’re beautifully designed, but kind of crammed, especially at the S$290++ per night price point.

The Warehouse Hotel Singapore Rooms

The Warehouse Hotel Singapore RoomsThe Warehouse Hotel Singapore Rooms

The Mezzanine Riverview Room is quite hard to book as it’s the only one of its kind. A reading mezzanine overlooks the beautiful loft layout, making this room a perfect space if you’re planning to stay in and chill out. Prices start from S$625++ per night.

The Warehouse Hotel Singapore Rooms

The minibar in each room includes local snacks and products, as well as sexy naughtyries (word invented by me).

The Warehouse Hotel Singapore

As for the facilities, a small urban roof pool is available for guests to enjoy. Nevertheless I believe the luxury of staying at The Warehouse Hotel doesn’t necessarily lie on the comfort and lavishness of their offering. Rather, it’s a type of understated luxury that attracts a niche type of customers who appreciate the bespoke experience of this heritage building, its design and its top-class hospitality.



Address: The Warehouse Hotel, 320 Havelock Road Robertson Quay, 169628, Singapore.


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