Brut Cake Cafe: Modern American Brunch & Amazing Coffee

Brut Cake Cafe is only in Soft Opening but already promises to be one of the hit brunch venues of 2017.

This cozy neighbourhood cafe is nestled up on Yuyuan Lu with Zhenning Lu, a quiet crossroad of Jing’an District. The rustic, homey decor has a lived-in feel, with old furniture  and wood padded tall ceilings. Smartly enough, the kitchen is see-through so patrons can enjoy the view of sexy Chef Jun. Him and his gorgeous wife, Priscilla (known in the foodie circle as blogger 100 Pound Foodie), manage the cafe.

The simple, condensed weekend menu features several brunch favorites that will keep you coming for more. My absolute favorite dish was their Sweet Sunrise (RMB 52), a beautifully airy and crispy waffle topped with organic jujube honey, mascarpone chantilly and a tart home-made seasonal fruit jam.


The Red Tartine (RMB 62) with smoked salmon, and the Green Tartine (RMB 58) with avocado mash, are both worthy options. I completely fell in love with the low heat poached Ran’ou egg on top of the Green Tartine. I could recognise a Japanese egg from miles away, with their bright orange yolk and rich, silky texture. Well done here!



Another winner was the Sweet & Savory (RMB 68) – with a bit of fine tuning on the recipe, this promises to be in the top 3 best Chicken & Waffles in town. The generous, juicy chunks of boneless fried chicken together with the crispy waffle, the honey and a few very welcome walnuts make a perfect mouthful of flavor and textures.


A Brut Cake 100% original dish is the Manwich – while I thought to see manly, virile sandwich (?), I was later pleased to discover that the inspiration comes from “mantou” a traditional Chinese steamed bread. The bun is filled with perfect-texture scrambled eggs, crispy bacon and flavorous sausage.


All in all, I really appreciated the high quality of every single ingredient, from the salad, to the eggs, from the bread to the fruit, and obviously their coffee blends (make sure to tell Priscilla that you love the Colombia & Honduras bean blend as she was nonsense talking that she may want to change it).  It shows that the power F&B couple has put thorough research in the food and coffee supply chain“We want to create a cafe that equally focuses both on the coffee and on the food… and I think we’re getting there!” said Priscilla.


Lulu’s Perks: this is a lovely picture of members of the Shanghai Bite Club with Pris and Jun ❤


Address: 698 Yuyuan Lu, near Zhenning Lu – 愚园路698号, 近镇宁路


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