My Sandwich Dreams Just Came True at Madison Kitchen

[This venue is now closed. You can still find great sandwiches at their sister spot Diner on Wulumuqi Road and Wuyuan Road]

Don’t you fucking dare saying these are just sandwiches. These are dreams snuggled in between heavenly breads!

The kimchi grilled cheese is the better & bigger brother of all grilled cheeses. Prepare your tummy to a cheese haul.


The smoked chicken bacon sandwich has this spicy kick and it’s, well, humongous! I would have been fine with the half of it. But I obviously couldn’t stop myself and almost finished eating all the wrapping paper as well.


The meatball sandwich is also rich and meaty with a sweetly balanced tomato sauce that seeps into the yummy bread.


Oh and the CHEDDAR BISCUITS! You can’t not have it. It’s buttery cheesy flaky goodness in a round puffy shape.


Their ice teas are good too.

This ain’t no “soft opening”… It’s a BOMB opening! Congrats Austin & the Madison crew, great to have you back in the game!

Lulu’s Tips:  even though Madison Kitchen has some stools to sit on, this is not so much of a stay-in venue. Go on a sunny day, grab your sandwiches & refreshing drinks and have a picnic in the park next-door!

Lulu’s Perks: This is a lovely picture of some crazy Shanghai Foodies, including myself,  Wandering Spoon and Shanghai Food Whores.



Address: Shanghai, 1414 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Fuxing Zhong Lu – 淮海中路1414号, 近复兴中路

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