Delightful New Summer Menu at Light & Salt (Rockbund)

Light & Salt at Rockbund has made the equation Bund + terrace + pricing work quite well since their opening.

With the guidance and expertise of Executive Chef Samuel Albert, whose career developed within Michelin Starred restaurants, they’re now revamping their menu for the Summer Season. And, together with the lovely Shanghai Food Whores, I was invited to taste it.

Say hi to Samuel!

The tables on the balcony have a Parisian flair, with beautifully flowing tablecloth and the building’s European vibe, dissuaded only by a stunning view on the tall skyscrapers of Lujiazui.

To beat the heat, we were served a refreshing pink lemonade, just to later pass on to a crisp Spanish white wine that got us all a bit happier by the end of the meal.

A lil’ day-drinking on a weekday won’t hurt, right?

The tasting menu started with some beautiful Beetroot & Goat Cheese Rolls (RMB 77). A sophisticated, delicate start to get in the mood for a complete dining experience.

We also enjoyed the pickles!

As a second appetiser, we tried a more substantial, decadent Pan Seared Scallop dish (RMB 97). The asparagus jelly and black garlic aioli diligently complimented the meatiness of the perfectly seared scallops. A truly delicious combination though, visually, I may have my doubts on how the brown aioli looks brushed on a white plate… I leave to you imagining what I’m imagining.

You know what I mean?

The Roasted Miso Cod (RMB 197) was, once again and for a different recipe at L&S, my favorite dish of the day. Seems like the Chef really knows how to render the subtle flavor profile of cod by pairing it with more punchy tastes – purple sweet potatoes and tangy orange salsa for this dish.

I like interacting with food – you could literally paint the cod with sauce!

A great success was also the fusion Roasted Duck Breast (RMB 187). Using the French cooking technique for Canard Magret, the Chef creates a symphony of Chinese and European flavors by adding Sichuan Pepper and a seemingly sweet & sour balsamic sauce.

Again, lovely pickled veggies to decorate and complete the dish.

Coming down to the beautiful desserts…

If you’re up for some #instagramporn order the Red Velvet (RMB 57) flashy pink cake. Your camera will love it, though the flavor may not be as interesting as the looks of it.


The real hit was the incredible Goat Cheese Pudding (RMB 57) – literally one of the absolute best desserts I’ve had in Shanghai, dare I say the best? On the verge of sweet and savory and with a captivating creaminess, this dish brings a rave party to your tastebuds.

You can’t not try this pudding – go, go, go!

Overall, I 100% trust that your experience at Light & salt at Rockbound will be worth of your time and money. I’m a big fan of day-light dates; as Summer makes us all a bit sexier, I can suggest you to bring your significant other here for lunch to spend some romantic, delicious time together.

Lulu’s Tips: Reserve a few days prior if you wish to dine on their terrace!


Address: Shanghai, 133 Yuanmingyuan Lu, 6/F, near Beijing Dong Lu – 圆明园路133号6楼, 近北京东路



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