Feasting with Shanghai’s Chefs at FEAST 2016

Organised by the Shanghai Supperclub and their parent company Social Supply, FEAST is a new series of pop-up food festivals in Shanghai.

Kicked off last weekend, the festival showcased some of Shanghai’s most popular restaurants, including Coquille, Madison, Tomatito and Commune Social, as well as some new eateries such as FlyBy Jing and Tepito.

Having eaten my way through most of the delicious food of the festival, here are my top picks.

1) The absolute winner was Austin Hu’s lip-smacking Sichuan fried chicken. Amazingly seasoned, the Sichuan pepper corn just came out bold and in a perfect harmony of fusion flavors. No wonder the Madison’s booth kept selling out!

2) The shrimp taquitos by Tomatito also were up there among my favorites – great balance of tangy and sweet, sod and crunchy. 

3) Madison takes another point for his grilled cheese with black truffle, ’cause well… Look at the picture!

4) I also thoroughly enjoyed the breakfast bowl by Commune Social with potato mash foam, Spanish chorizo, fried rice cakes and 65C poached egg.

5) Love me some Chengdu snacks by Jenny Gao who’s just launched her new project FlyBy Jing – the sauces were absolutely amazing.

Smooth everything out with Goose Island’s craft beers, my favorite being the Honker’s Ale, and les jeaux don’t faits!

Looking forward to the second edition of FEAST.

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