Mr Pots: The Church of Dim Sum

If Dim Sum were a religion, I would be a person of faith. And Mr Pots would be my church.

Their shrimp rolls are beyond any culinary miracle. I mean it. You would just keep on eating them every day of your otherwise oh-so-shrimpless life.

I also loved the scallop & spinach steamed dumplings, the Siu Mai and the vegetable steamed dumplings wrapped in glutinous transparent dough. Among my favorites was also the zongzi (or the Cantonese equivalent of this traditional Chinese glutinous rice ball wrapped in bamboo leaves).Filled with meat and decadent egg yolk, it had a chewy yet crunchy texture on the rice.

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 16.20.42

Eat everything with liberal amounts spicy sauce. It’s addictive.

With 11 dishes and tea split in 3 people we spent 110 RMB per person. Great value for a belly full of deliciousness!

Will definitely be back soon for more.


Address: Shanghai, 802 Yan’an Zhong Lu, near Maoming Bei Lu – 延安中路802号, 近茂名北路

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