Jade on 36: Best Hotel Brunch in Shanghai

What an amazing brunch!

I can’t describe all the foods that I ate as I probably tried 20 to 30 different dishes.

For RMB 688 you enjoy free flow Perrier Jouet Champagne, any type of drinks, coffee, sodas, you name it. You also get unlimited access to their three buffets and their open kitchen.

The first buffet features all the things that I miss from Europe: beautiful cured meats, different varieties of cheeses including Camembert, Gorgonzola and creamy goat cheese. They also offer fancy salads such as the juicy chicken & black truffle salad which I went back for more two times.


Their Jade on 36 Garden signature recipe is a light, complex delicious mousse made of onions and mushrooms – perfect to scoop out and pop straight in your mouth or spread on one of their freshly baked breads from the bread buffet.


The breads buffet is luscious, the ideal paradise of any respectable carb addict. I went wise on it and didn’t try too many items but the bread rolls were fragrant and fresh, perfect complement to the cold cuts and cheese.

The dessert buffet is not even a buffet. It’s a whole room, a sort of Hansel and Gretel house that will exceed all your sugary fantasies. Cakes, macarons, truffles, cookies, cupcakes are filling up the luxurious room. You will want to be locked in that room and throw the keys away.


The real deal though is the open kitchen. Customers can make their way inside the kitchen, speak with the chef about what they’d like to eat from the daily menu. Make sure you tell the chef how you want your lobster cooked (mine was over cooked). Don’t skip the scrambled eggs with caviar, it’s orgasmic.


The lamb is moist and full of flavor, the potato gratin delicious, the cod perfectly seared, have it with their delicious herb sauce. We also ordered oysters, Fine de Claire n.4, extremely meaty and fresh. You can keep ordering anything you want as many times as you want. Make good use of this incredible kitchen and the expert chefs.


All in all, we can all agree that eating all that food, drinking all that champagne and spending RMB 688 every weekend might be a bit extreme. But if you are in that type of mood, if you’re craving for something unique and luxurious, if you want to treat yourself for what you deserve, then look no further than Jade on 36 at the Pudong Shangri-La Hotel.

Lulu’s Tip: go on a bright sunny day and enjoy the stunning view on Shanghai’s Bund and surrounding.

Lulu’s Perks: here’s a cute picture of the Shanghai Bite Club.


Address: 33 Fucheng Lu, Pudong Shangri-La Hotel, Grand Tower, 36/F, near Mingshang Lu, Shanghai

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