Husk is the perfect joint in Shanghai where you can always take a date and hopefully get lucky.

Starting from the great decor, Husk has a loungy flair, with a great playlist on the background that compliments the conversation. Big wooden tables, dim lights and some industrial elements make this space chic enough for both impressing the above mentioned date or have a reunion with friends in style.


I was invited for a tasting on Wednesday when you can enjoy a great Martini deal: 48 RMB for a Martini and a small bite (edit: seems like the deal is instead on Thursday night). Most of the Martinis will be on the sweet side, so be aware of that if you’re not a sweet cocktail person. I enjoyed the lychee & Ginger one that I ordered along with the complimentary burger slider.

Then we moved on to our table and the first appetizers started to come:

1. We Love Cooked Seafood (RMB 268) a fish fest for 2 people. I loved the fried oyster and the prawns. The fish is from fresh water, so if you’re not into this kind of fish you probably won’t enjoy it as much.


2. Beef Carpaccio (RMB 98) some of the nicest in town. I loved the garlic and basil seasoning and the fresh goat cheese gratin. The homemade focaccia just make it all worth it and decadent.


3. If It Has Wings (RMB 238) perfect for sharing in 3 people, definitely my personal highlight of the evening. Cooked-to-perfection pigeon, braised duck and fried chicken (all wings!) + a terrine of goose liver to eat with home made crackers. This dish is a MUST!


We then went on to the mains where we had several surprises with a decadent, tender whole baby chicken stuffed with mushroom and cream (RMB 168), and an amazing flavorful melt-in-your-mouth Iberian black pork shoulder (198 RMB). The latter was my favorite dish of the night after the If It Has Wings platter.


The Wagyu beef flank steak (RMB 228) was of the highest quality (400-day grain fed) but, even though perfectly cooked, the flavors were quite simple compared to the other dishes. I quite enjoyed the bullfrog legs, though I wouldn’t order it again, but if you’re a bull frog fan, you’ll love the big portion for just RMB 148.


Last but not least… DESSERT!

I particularly liked the Crème brûlée, with a sugar coating of the right thickness and a creamy eggy body. Next up in my list of favorites among the desserts, the Chinese style mango pudding with rice balls. It’s a quite particular dessert but if you like uncommon textures you’ll love it. Fig and Burnt Butter casserole is a calorie bomb, super tasty and fragrant. I’d skip both the cooked apple and the strawberry meringue. Average price for dessert RMB 58.


Service was attentive and the impeccable manager Anup will definitely take care of you the right way.

So, do yourself a favor and come try Husk’s meats; even if you’re not getting lucky with your date and you don’t finally manage to score a mating session with him/her, you will have at least definitely have enjoyed a good meal.

Lulu’s Tips: Every night after 8:00pm they have a decent bottle of wine on promotion for just RMB 175.


Address: Shanghai, 218 Fengxian Lu, near Nanhui Lu -奉贤路218号, 近南汇路

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