Holy Cow: the Place that Took my Hot Pot Virginity

I was a hot pot virgin until last night when I headed over to the new location of Holy Cow.

Starting from the highest quality, hand cut meats, going through all the organic veggies from their own farm, their delicious wheat beer and ending with the most delicious, healing bone broth, everything at this restaurant makes you want to scream “HOLY COW, THIS IS SO GOOD!”.

This is Holy Cow’s second location, conveniently located at Weining Lu subway station. The ambience really shows extra attention to detail, with beautiful modern chandeliers and a funky mix of ranch style + fancy tiles and bronze elements. Great for groups of friends and family reunions.

Their sauce bar is the dream of every sauce addict, with many options to make your own mix. If you’re not feeling creative I would suggest you simply go for the Holy Cow special sauce by Anthony. Order as much beef as you can and then keep filling yourself up with amazing organic veggies. They are the real deal, you will actually barely need any sauce as they are super tasty as they are. We also had one of their specialities, fried tofu skin. I liked it just quickly dipped into the broth, while others were letting it boil longer.

Overall a great convivial experience, perfect to re-energize after a long winter work day.

Average bill 130-160rmb per person.

My first experience with hot pot made me think that sometimes it’s true as they say: you just gotta wait for the right one.

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