MUST Grill: My Favorite Meats in Town

OMG – Literally!

Last night I was invited for a combo tasting of MUST Grill meat and burgers together with Pierre’s Foie Gras.

MUST is quite hidden in a lane on Wuding Lu, they have a gorgeous terrace, patio and tastefully designed interioirs. The ambience is perfect for big groups of friends and private events, typical Amrican grill place but with a pronounced French twist.

We started the night off with some Pierre’s Foie Gras, and then went on with a tapas plate with 4 burger sliders, one “taco-pizza” and a bowl of fried chicken. The pizza tasty with a flaky taco base, fried chicken crispy and tender and the burger sliders a great promise for the full-sized ones coming next. For 78 RMB you get all the value and more.

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 18.15.27.png

About the burgers: we tried the MUST, the American Dream and the OMG, which is not available at the moment (in fact we were called to judge if the burger should come back on the menu).

The MUST burger is a must – duh! Simple but bursting with the most delicious flavor for the meat and the sauce. If you want basic and tasty that’s your choice.

The American Dream is all you would expect from an American and a Dream in the most stereotypical way; cheese, pulled pork, beef, bacon and bbq sauce… BOW CHICA WA WA! Book your doctor’s appointment for the next day… Just in case.

The OMG was the star, a beef burger with Martin’s hand made onion sauce, and a generous slice of Pierre’s Foie Gras. Everyone was literally going like Oh My Gooooooooodness! I need more of this burger in my life, Martin put it back in the menu!

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 18.13.04.png

But that was not all. We were presented a 1.2Kg beast of a rib eye steak from Bernadette… No that’s not the origin, I’m actually talking about the COW. Apparently the French have the habit of naming living cows and then slaughter them for food and call the meat cut by name. Quite funny and grim but anyways Bernadette tasted fantastic.

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 18.12.29.png

Finished off with some special, home made Rhum Agricolo and a gooey chocolate fondant.
Time to get your game up at MUST and order some top quality beef. Maybe try Josephine next time…


Address: 881 Wuding Lu, Bldg 2, 1/F, near Changde Lu, Shanghai

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